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About us-Daai private detective,
provides services for private investigation,
we offer customers best service and reasonable modest price,we have professional investigater teams who has excellent skill and a brave heart to control situation.

Daai private detectives is your most secure backing,meanwhile, the most professional team will help you complete tasks which looks like mission imposible.
Our investigators are trained by strict requirements. No matter what the difficult case is,we don,t afraid of the hardest task,in contrast,we courage in the face of adversity. Not only did we set a goal, but also we kept it.
Some people worry about their private information stolen by entrusting case.Please set your mind at rest. We will absolutely destroy the client document when we served our mission purpose.Daai private detective gurantees not to contact the client after contract being finished.

A good private detective is obligated by law.We view every clients as brother and sister.If you have any business matters and affair problem ,you can contact us without hesitate.
Daai is your best backup force.

Daai private detective has direct access to a nationwide network of different sorts of investigations, and we are confident and glad to support you not only in Taiwan,HK ,even Mainland China.