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Family loyalty is declining with the socail atmosphere increasingly changing.Some people are afraid of maintaining marriage.many couple caught the other red-handed.

When you encounter your wife or husband affair,you may crazy,angry and envy.please calm down! we don,t encourage people to use violence to their family. It,s illegal that you may conflict of law.You should need some people who can provide you sophisticated team to find the evidences and understand how to deal with affair can identify the most suitable method to their family situation and legal policy from us.

Every clients don,t need worry. Every step we are to make your peace of mind. Our professional and efficient, is to help you in the most stable state to solve the problem. We are not like other companies which have been persuaded that you must grasp the evil . Daai believed that all task will not be any problems because we will find one method to overcome.


Collect evidence in the case to determine affair execution policy. As soon as we accept mission ,we will begin to collect information.Our affair department is best group and help you face the music.